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Jobs & Studentships

The consortium has been awarded funding for three Post Doc (PDRA) and two tied PhD researchers. Potential applicants to each of these positions, and additional PhD projects, are encouraged to check back to this page for more detailed information, which will be posted when the position is formally advertised.

1. Post Doc (PDRA) "Seismicity and deep structure of Sumatra subduction zone"; based in Cambridge. POST FILLED
2. Post Doc (PDRA) to work on marine seismic reflection and refraction components; based in Southampton. POST FILLED
3. Post Doc (PDRA) to work on slip determination; based in Oxford. POST FILLED
4. PhD student to carry out shear wave splitting studies and attenuation tomography; based in Liverpool. POST FILLED
5. PhD studentship "Analysis of seismograms to determine the rupturing details for the 2007 Mw 8.5 Sumatra earthquake and its relation to other geophysical information along the Sumatra arc"; (NERC tied studentship) based in Oxford. APPLY NOW

Additional posts:

1. PhD studentship (Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award) to work on 3D tomographic seismic imaging of the rupture barrier in the Sumatra subduction zone; based in Cambridge. POST FILLED


National Oceanography Centre, Southampton,
University of Southampton Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH