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British Geophysical Association New Advances in Geophysics meeting 2011:

Controlling factors of subduction zone earthquakes

Geological Society of London 10-11 February 2011

Recent major earthquakes such as the series offshore Sumatra (2004-2007) and Chile (2010) show the importance of understanding the dynamic processes of subduction zone earthquakes and the structural and tectonic context within which they occur. Recent research across the spectrum of geophysics and geology at a number of active margins is producing progress towards understanding some of the key earth science and societal issues. Methods include observations from active source and earthquake seismology, geodesy from modern and geological records, drilling for sampling, logging and in situ measurements, monitoring, experimental work and analogue and numerical modelling.

Key questions include: What controls the extent of the seismogenic zone across the subduction zone (up and down the subducting slab)? How does fault slip during large earthquakes relate to interseismic deformation and seismicity? What factors can control the segmentation of the main subduction fault, and hence the along-strike propagation of rupture? How do these factors control hazard from the earthquake itself and from tsunamigenesis?

We encourage submissions from any aspect of geology or geophysics using this range of methods and bearing on these questions.


Keynote speakers include:

Nathan Bangs
Heidrun Kopp
John McCloskey
Kerry Sieh
Mark Simons
Kelin Wang

Please download the abstract volume: New Advances in Geophysics meeting 2011: Controlling factors of subduction zone earthquakes.


National Oceanography Centre, Southampton,
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