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The UK Sumatra Consortium Project

This £2 million project is funded by the NERC to examine the structure and properties of barriers to earthquake rupture offshore Sumatra, Indonesia - the location of the devastating 2004 and 2005 earthquakes and tsunamis generated by convergence of 2 tectonic plates at a subduction zone. Led by NOCS, the project involves 5 UK partners (NOCS, the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Liverpool, and the British Geological Survey) and numerous international partners (French, German, American, Indonesian, Indian). The project will run for 5 years from July 2006 and involves major marine and terrestrial research and integrated seismological studies based on data from the earthquakes. We hope to learn how these barriers affect large earthquake rupture and therefore earthquake magnitude, what causes the barriers themselves and how these barriers have controlled earthquake magnitude in the past. The project will allow better assessment of future earthquake magnitudes and locations and further our general understanding of the earthquake rupture process.


Bathymetric data of the sea floor offshore Sumatra where the Indian-Australian plate slides (subducts) beneath the Eurasian plate. Data collected by the Royal Navy's HMS Scott. For more details click here.


National Oceanography Centre, Southampton,
University of Southampton Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH