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Interpolation is based around the SCRIP package (REF?) and a number of programs written in FORTRAN90 to interface to it. Additionally, the CDO package and the NCO operators are used to get the NETCDF data into the correct shape for the model. Neither was found to be able to do all steps by itself. CDO requires a common grid structure to be present in each file and generally creates files with only one variable of this shape present. NCO is more general, and can append new variables to output files. This means that files rapidly become large and processing slows considerably.

At present theses elements are divided into a number of directories. A directory called source holds the SCRIP and local programs based on it. The SCRIP package has been slightly modified to allow its use here. In particular a module originally called netcdf has been renamed netcdf_mod to avoid conflict with the NETCDF package. The original makefile has also been modified to allow compilation of new programs and for use on different machines.

See this page for a description of the programs.

A directory called data holds copies of the NCAR original data. Symbolic links could be used to save space.

A scripts directory holds Cshell scripts to perform SCRIP, CDO and NCO steps.

Directory ORCA2_LIM corresponds to the data and configuration files required to get the data into shape for this experiment.

Data types

The following datasets are created: