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The Pride of Bilbao is not operating while she is on her annual refit. She will be resuming the scheduled crossings on the 4th February 2007 when data will once again be collected and displayed on this site.
The FerryBox equipment was first fitted on the P&O Pride of Bilbao in April 2002. Since then data has been transmitted to NOC using the Orbcomm satellite system and displayed on this webpage in real time. (Graphs of data accumulated via the satellite through 2002 to 2005 are available through links above). In 2002 the sensors for measuring water temperature, salinity, and fluorescence were installed. In 2005 extra sensors measuring turbidity, the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide were fitted along with sensors monitoring the movement of the ship. The graphs on the right below show the raw un-quality controlled data from the ferry as it is being collected over the real-time link in 2006. The data may also be down loaded using the links below. Problems with the instrument measuring salinity have required that it be changed twice during 2006 resulting in large jumps in the un-calibrated salinity data. The data plotted on the graphs have now been adjusted using factors calculated from samples analysed in the laboratory.

No plot is currently available. This page will be updated automatically when data is received from the Pride of Bilbao

Pride of Bilbao

Dolphins and whales are often seen from the Pride of Bilbao. More information can be found by going to the BDRP website

          Plot of Pride of Bilbao routes     Click on a graph to see the full-size version.

Sea Temperature 2006

Graph of Sea Temperature

Fluorescence 2006

Graph of Fluorescence, a measure of the amount of algae

Salinity 2006

Graph of Salinity
To create graphs for data following the selected cruise start date.
Select Date
Select the type(s) of graph to be shown
Temperatures for 3 trips
Conductivities for 3 trips
Fluorescences for 3 trips
Temperature,Conductivity and
Fluorescence for 1 trip
Plots of actual tracks taken by 'Pride of Bilbao'



Oxygen 2006

Graph of Oxygen Concentration

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