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Data was collected via satellite and in delayed-mode from 28th March 2003 until 22nd December 2003 and the data received via satellite is shown in the following graphs.

Sensors for measuring Temperature, Conductivity, and Fluorescence have been installed in the engine room of the ferry ship P&O Pride of Bilbao
Data are sent via a satellite link every 10 minutes. They are received at SOC and written to a data base . The accumulated data is then used to produce graphs.

Pride of Bilbao
    Plot of Pride of Bilbao routes     Click on a graph to see the full-size version.

Sea Temperature 2003

Graph of Sea Temperature 2003

Fluorescence 2003

Graph of Fluorescence, a measure of the amount of algae, 2003

Salinity 2003

Graph of Salinity 2003
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Temperatures together
Conductivities together
Fluorescences together
Leg 1 Portsmouth - Bilbao - Portsmouth
Leg 2 Portsmouth - Cherbourg - Portsmouth
Leg 3 Portsmouth - Bilbao - Portsmouth
Plots of actual tracks taken by 'Pride of Bilbao'

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