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What is CROZEX?

CROZEX is the acronym for a two-leg cruise that took place on RRS Discovery in austral summer 2004/5 to study the bloom that occurs annually around and north of the Crozet Islands, 1200 n.m. southeast of South Africa. We believe that HNLC (high nutrient low chlorophyll) conditions are lifted in the area by a natural source of iron, most probably from the sediment around the islands and the plateau. The cruise tested this hypothesis, examined the community structure of the bloom and sought to quantify the export of carbon. CROZEX was a major component of BICEP, which was the GDD (now OBE - Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems) NERC Core Strategic Project at NOC prior to OCEANS2025.

Click on the cruise report to access pdfs of all sections of the report for the 2004/5 cruises Discovery 285 and 286.

A year later, a second cruise has ended in Cape Town in mid-January 2006, known as benthic CROZEX. The object of this second cruise was to examine the benthic fauna at the productive and less productive sites. Considerable differences have indeed been found.

The "O" of CROZEX in the header shows the location of the CROZEX experiment. The figure is a SeaWIFS image of a bloom north of the Crozet Islands (46S 50-52E) in October 1998. Our objective was to survey the bloom and quantify the export from it.

A poster on Crozet plans can be downloaded, which unstuffs to posterCrozetPRG.pdf

For more information, click on Science Plan.

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