Cruise report

Discovery 285 & 286 Cruise Report and some data

Data for SOES3035 project are ascii files of CTDs from Crozet and SUZIL

The full report as a single pdf can be downloaded here: Di285/6 CrRept 25MB

Report sections for download are given below, all pdf files:

Most tables and figures are included in relevant report section. Some report sections are merged. Most pdfs are under 1Mb, only exception is Fig 1.4 (satellite images)


list of Tables, list of Figures, Personnel

1. Overview

1.1 Objective; 1.2 Cruise overview; 1.3 Satellite images

Fig. 1.1 trackplots, Fig. 1.2 station plots, Table 1.1 day/date

Table 1.2 CTD station list, Table 1.3 Complete station list for D285, Table 1.4 Complete station list for D286

Fig. 1.3 all weekly met plots, Fig. 1.4 satellite composites 5.6Mb

1.4 Cruise diary

2. Underway measurements

2.1 Navigation and VM-ADCP, 2.2 Autoflux, 2.3 Aerosols and rain; 2.4 Underway FRRf; 2.5 Satellite images

3. SeaSoar

3.1 Penguin, 3.2 CTD minipack processing and calibration, 3.3 OPC processing; 3.4 FRRf on SeaSoar

4. CTD stations

4.1 CTD and rosette technical report; 4.2 Salinometry, 4.3 Oxygen sampling; 4.4 CTD calibration

4.5 Lowered ADCP, Table 4.4 LADCPvSADCP

4.6 Biogenic silica (BSi), 4.7 Rare Earth Elements, 4.8 FRRf on CTD, 4.9 Dissolved oxygen microelectrode sensor

5. Nutrients

6. Inorganic carbon cycling in the Crozet area

7. Iron studies in the Crozet region

8. Radium studies in the Crozet region

9. 234Thorium and SAPS

10. microbial abundance and dynamics

11. Pelagra

12. Phytoplankton measurements

12.1 phytoplankton community structure, productivity and new and regenerated production

12.2 Nutrient addition bioassay experiments, 12.3 Phytoplankton sampling from stainless CTDs

13. Mesozooplankton measurements

13.1 Mesozooplankton abundance, gut fluorescence, feeding and iron content

13.2 LHPR Tows

14. Benthic studies

14.1 Megacoring, 14.2 Gravity coring, 14.3 Bathysnap deployments, 14.4 Sediment chemistry sampling

15. Moorings and sediment traps

15.1 Mooring deployment; 15.2 Sediment traps

16. ARGO Profiling floats

17. Shore sampling on Ile de La Possession