Why Crozet?

3. Scientific Rationale - Crozet

SeaWIFS images show three regions in the Southern Ocean where there is a bloom downstream of an island: South Georgia (bloom from the "n" in iron to the "b" of bloom, above), Crozet (in the "O" of CROZEX) and Kerguelen (below the "Z" of CROZEX). We choose to study Crozet because we have good knowledge of the circulation (Pollard and Read, 2001) which constrains the bloom. In subsequent sections we discuss the bloom initiation and collapse, which lead us to define three regimes for study. More details are given in sections on components of the experiment: circulation and mixing; iron; CO2; phytoplankton; zooplankton; export; benthic biology; sediments. Cruise planning is described under time series, spatial surveys and profiles.

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