Bloom decay

3.3 The bloom north of Crozet - decay

Fig. 3.3 SeaWIFS images for December 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001

By Dec (Fig. 3.3) the wide area bloom has collapsed but there is an area where a bloom continues in the immediate vicinity of the Crozet Plateau. This area is always located immediately north of the two main islands, Ile de la Possession and Ile de l´Est and is sharply bounded by a line running due north from the eastern tip of Ile de L´Est. A likely scenario is that the flow is due north in that area, and that the bloom just north of the islands is fertilized by runoff from the islands. Mountains on each island result in regular rainfall, the islands are volcanic in origin and there is mention of hot springs on them (Recq, 1998). Thus there is likely to be nutrient rich runoff.

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