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Indian Ocean 32S Argo Deployments (24 April 2002)

Recently completed, the SOC's Charles Darwin Cruise 139 has deployed 25 APEX floats as part of project Argo.

The cruise left Durban, South Africa on 1 March 2002, arriving in Freemantle, Western Australia six and a half weeks later on 15 April. The ship occupied a section along a latitude of 32 degrees south, and completed 146 full-depth CTD/LADCP profiles in addition to the deployment of the floats.

Funding for the float programme was a combination of research funds from SOC's James Rennell Division Core Programme and UK Argo funds managed by the UK Met Office.

All the floats were set to drift at 2000m with a profile every 10 days; they have an ascent time and a surface time of approximately six hours each. At one of the stations (approx 95E) four floats were deployed in close proximity. The rate at which the floats disperse will be analysed to provide information about ocean mixing.

To follow the progress of these floats click here, and select the southern Indian Ocean.


Brian King with Argo float at 32 degrees south

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