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In April 2008 the ANIMATE network Observatories became part of the EuroSITES European Ocean Observatory Network.
Data shown here and subsequent data are available through the EuroSITES website www.eurosites.info
The ANIMATE site will not be updated further.

Sensor Deployment

One of the aims of the projects was to develop a cost effective mooring system which would provide a suitable platform for all the multi-disciplinary sensors.

At the beginning of the project 3 moorings were deployed at each site.

1. A titanium frame positioned in the eutrophic zone carrying the Fluorimeter Nitrate analyser, CO2 sensor, and temperature, salinity and pressure sensor. Below this at 150m were ADCPs, measuring direction and speed of the current.

2. A mooring with a surface buoy communicating in near real-time, via satellites, sending temperatures and salinities from up to 12 sensors positioned at depths of between 10m and 1000m.

3. A mooring with sediment traps and current meters.

Mooring diagrams are included for each deployment, and can be found in the About section for each deployment.
Several design changes were considered as experience grew with the original moorings and in 2004 the CIS mooring was deployed as just one mooring, which, if successful, will be cheaper and quicker to service.

Sensors Used

Temperature, Salinity and Depth
Microcat Seabird SBE 37-IM, some,but not all, also with a pressure sensor. This model can communicate via an inductive modem with the surface buoy, as well as logging on board the readings made.
MTD a micro Temperature and Depth logger used on some moorings when not enough microcats were available. These do not have inductive communication capacity.
microcat data information   microcat information
Current direction and speed
Aanderaa Recording Current Meter(RCM) models 7 and 8.
rcm data information   RCM information
RD Instruments Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, Workhorse and Longranger models.
adcp data information   ADCP information
HOBI Labs HydroScat-2 and WETLabs FLNTUSB
Fluorescence data information   HOBI Labs HS2 information
Nitrate concentration
EnviroTech LLC NAS-2E Nutrient Analyser
Nitrate Sensor data information   NAS information
Carbon Dioxide concentration
Sunburst Sensors LLC, SAMI Carbon Dioxide sensor
Carbon Dioxide Sensor data information   SAMI information
Particulate Flux-McLane Sediment Trap
McLane Particle Trap data information   McLane Particle Trap information
Particulate Flux-Meerestechnik Trap
This equpment not deployed as part of Mersea deployments
Meerestechnik Particle Trap data information   Meerestechnik Particle Trap information

Data Acquisition Summary

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