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In April 2008 the ANIMATE network Observatories became part of the EuroSITES European Ocean Observatory Network.
Data shown here and subsequent data are available through the EuroSITES website www.eurosites.info
The ANIMATE site will not be updated further.

- 2007 June Deployment






5th September 2007

It has just been reported that the adrift part of the PAP observatory, with all sensors down to 1000m, had been successfully recovered by the research ship Pelagia. Many thanks to the science team and deck crew for their efforts. The recovered parts will be examined to determine the cause of the failure.

9th August 2007

The mooring has moved off station and appears to be drifting at about 1km/hr. The sensor package at 30m is still attached to the surface mooring.

30th July 2007

The inductive data link connecting the sensors to the satelite transmission system has been deteriorating for some days and data is now only being received sporadically.

June 2007

A redesigned mooring was successfully deployed at the PAP site from the vessel Celtic Explorer.
The cruise is described in diaries and video clips at www.eur-oceans.info/diary/celtic_explorer/ and the staion list is available here. The graphs below show the real-time data and are updated every few hours as new data arrives.

1st Deployment From October 2002
From July 2003
From November 2003
From June 2004
From July 2005
From July 2006
From June 2007


Graph of Temperatures at various depths


Graph of Salinity at various depths


Graph of Sigma-t at various depths


Temperature plotted against depth


Salinity plotted against depth


Sigma-t plotted against depth

PAP adrift

Track of mooring adrift


Graph of pressures from various microcats

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If you use ANIMATE data in publications please acknowledge the ANIMATE Project quoting 'EU FP5 contract EVR1-CT-2001-40014'. Also, we would appreciate receiving a preprint and/or reprint of publications utilizing these data for inclusion in the ANIMATE bibliography. These publications should be sent to:
  ANIMATE Data Manager
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