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In April 2008 the ANIMATE network Observatories became part of the EuroSITES European Ocean Observatory Network.
Data shown here and subsequent data are available through the EuroSITES website www.eurosites.info
The ANIMATE site will not be updated further.

- Autumn 2007 Deployment

April 2008
The DOLAN buoy, which has been carrying the sensors reported on this page, has been removed from the ESTOC site.


Autumn 2007
The mooring has been redeployed on station and real time data is being sent from a microcat and weather sensors.

April 2002 April 2003
October 2003 April 2004
December 2004 March 2005
November 2005 March 2006
November 2006 March 2007
November 2007


Sea Temperature


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Diagram of Mooring as deployed 2006-2007

If you use ANIMATE data in publications please acknowledge the ANIMATE Project quoting 'EU FP5 contract EVR1-CT-2001-40014'. Also, we would appreciate receiving a preprint and/or reprint of publications utilizing these data for inclusion in the ANIMATE bibliography. These publications should be sent to:
  ANIMATE Data Manager
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Waterfront Campus, European Way
Southampton SO14 3ZH

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