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In April 2008 the ANIMATE network Observatories became part of the EuroSITES European Ocean Observatory Network.
Data shown here and subsequent data are available through the EuroSITES website www.eurosites.info
The ANIMATE site will not be updated further.

The sites are called CIS (Central Irminger Sea),

PAP (Porcupine Abyssal Plain), and

ESTOC (Estación Europea de Series Temporales del Oceano, Islas Canarias).

CV (Cape Verde)

Click on the mooring stations to go to the web pages for that site or go to the Sensor pages to view data availability and processing methodologies organised by sensor.

The red lines indicate commercial shipping routes where Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS) take measurements of Carbon Dioxide in surface waters.

Data is available through links on web pages and/or on the ftp site ftp://ftp.noc.soton.ac.uk/pub/animate/ access with username anonymous and password of your email address e.g.fred@net.com

The following is a tabulation summarising all data processing so far in ANIMATE and MERSEA.

The following tables summarise the data acquired during the ANIMATE project which ran from 1st December 2001 to 30th November 2004 and the continuing work undetaken as part of the MERSEA project.

The following data inventories summarise the details of each deployment at each site. Click on the date range to view each Data Inventory Sheet

Deployment CIS ESTOC PAP
1 Aug-2002 to Jul-2003 Apr-2002 to Dec-2002 Oct-2002 to Jun-2003
2 Aug-2003 to May-2004 Apr-2003 to Nov-2003 Jul-2003 to Nov-2003
3 May-2004 to Sep-2004 Nov-2003 to Apr-2004 Nov-2003 to Jun-2004
4 Sep-2004 to Sep-2005 Apr-2004 to Dec-2004 Jun-2004 to Jul-2005
5 Sep-2005 to Aug-2006 Dec-2004 to Apr 2005 July-2005 to Jun-2006
6 Aug-2006 to Jul-2007 Apr-2005 to Nov-2005 Aug-2006 to Jun-2007
7 Jul-2007 to Sep-2008 Nov-2005 to Mar-2006 Jul-2007 to Aug-2008
8 Mar-2006 to Nov-2006
9 Nov-2006 to 31-Mar-2007
10 Apr-2007 to May-2007
11 Nov-2007 to 31-Mar-2008

ANIMATE real-time quality control procedures Click here to view this document

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