Cruise Plan

The SOFINE cruise lasted 52 days. First, scientists and technicians flew to Cape Town (South Africa), to board on the RRS James Cook on the 31st of October 2008. The ship left Cape Town the next day. It took around 10 days to reach the mooring deployment area (around 47S, 72E). Five moorings were deployed containing a combination of instruments measuring temperature, salinity and current velocity. Three of the moorings were recovered toward the end of the cruise, with the remaining two being left in the water until 2010. After the mooring deployment, we conducted 72 stations (red dots on the map below) along a set of trapezoidal lines (in black) crossing the ACC meander around the northern Kerguelen Plateau repeatedly. On each station, we lowered a CTD / LADCP package (see Instrumentation) with a 24-bottle rosette from the surface down to within 10 m of the ocean floor. Simultaneously to the CTD / LADCP cast, a free-fall turbulence profiler were deployed to within 50 m of the bottom. In addition, continuous underway surveying of the uppermost 600 m of the water column was conducted with two shipboard ADCPs. Measurements of upper-ocean turbulence were obtained at a number of sites with a tethered turbulence profiler.Finally, a suite of 32 profiling floats were deployed across the region that record profiles of temperature, salinity and current velocity.

Cruise plan around Kerguelen Plateau

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