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Project results

The aim of the SEDCoral project is to provide a detailed characterisation of the sedimentary environment of cold-water coral mounds, in order to better understand its influence on the growth, the building capacity and recolonisation capacity of the cold-water corals.

The approach taken is to study 3 areas in detail: 2 sets of small mounds (Darwin and Moira mounds) and one large coral mound, which was drilled to its base during IODP Expedition 307 (Challenger Mound). In each case, the focus is set on the sedimentary environment of the corals and mounds.

Via the links below you can discover the results obtained in each of the study areas, and the conclusions drawn from the comparison of the three. The summary page gives a general overview, while the detailed page contains a more in-depth scientific article.

Unfortunately some of these sites are still under construction... They will be available soon!

Darwin mounds results: summary - details

Moira mounds results: summary - details: 2 papers submitted and coming online soon!

Challenger Mound results: summary - details

Comparisons: summary - details (coming soon!)