Ocean Observing and Climate
Joint Grant Scheme VOS Metadata Project - WP3 - Application to Climatology


This work package aimed to take the results of work packages 1 and 2 and to apply them to ICOADS in order to better characterize the random errors and biases in the individual observations based on the observing practices. The results of this would then be used to make an assessment of the impact of the random errors and bias adjustments on climatological fields. The better characterization of the errors in the observations and their effect on gridded fields would then allow the effective use of optimal interpolation and similar gridding schemes and to estimate the uncertainty in gridded datasets and time series.

Due to delays in the metadata for work package 1 and the VOSClim data for work package 2 becoming available the focus of this work package changed, instead focusing on the development of a surface marine meteorological dataset. The individual observations from ICOADS have been used to make an assessment of the uncertainty and biases in the observations based on the metadata from work package 1. A new ICOADS based grided dataset has been generated using the results of the bias and ucnertainty estimation using optimal interpolation and will form the foundations of the next NOC Climatology.