Ocean Observing and Climate
Joint Grant Scheme VOS Metadata Project

Observations from Voluntary Observing Ships (VOS) form a vital component of the marine observing system. However, knowledge of present and past climates over the ocean is limited both by lack of metadata about observational methods and incomplete knowledge of the effect of different observing practices on observational accuracy.

This project aimed to firstly improve our knowledge about how marine observations were made followed by an assessment of the impact of changing obseravtional technique on the climate record and on the quality of modern data using publicly available data from the International Comprehensive Ocean and Atmospheric Data Set (ICOADS), VOSClim and WMO Publication 47.

The project was broken down into three main work packages with varying results (further details can be found by following the links).

An initial 2 page summary of the project and a final project report are available from the following links:

The 2 page summary gives an overview of the project and its original aims whilst the final report gives details on the main outcomes and results of the project.

This project was funded by NERC and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) under the MoD and Research Councils Joint Grant Scheme